UV Solutionz is leading the way forward in New Zealand for Extract Odour Control in everyday cooking hoods used in your local takeaway store to high end restaurants.

Our unique 2 stage odour control system uses the magic of nature to breakdown the fats & smells being sent up extract ducting and out of buildings. Carbon dioxide and humidified air are what is left over from greasy strong nuisance odours. 

With population density increasing, more food outlets opeing everyday and council requirements getting tougher on nuisance odours to the surrounding environment, dont leave yourself exposed to potential council shutdown notices, get our 2 stage system installed during construction or now while you are trading with our retrofit capabilites that can be installed with minimal disruption.

Benefits are;


  1. Reduced / eliminated duct cleaning
  2. Fire hazards from fat build up reduced/eliminated
  3. No smells or odours
  4. Better extraction air flow performance for longer
  5. New or Retrofit installation 





UV Solutions - Odour & Grease Brochure
Odour&Grease_Poster_WEB_2.pdf (2.36MB)
UV Solutions - Odour & Grease Brochure
Odour&Grease_Poster_WEB_2.pdf (2.36MB)