UV Solutionz UVC Germicidal Technology is used in surface sanitisation and microbial control of Viruses, Bacterias and Mould pathogens which are regulary found in food manufacturing and pharmaceutical systems.

Our UV Technology performance has been proven in a New Zealand Laboratory under New Zealand conditions against common NZ pathogens as below with great success.

For more information regarding our technology and performance conditions on the below testing - contact us to find out how this can be applied to your environment.

UV Solutionz High Energy UVC Lamps


Stainless Steel 

Polycarbonate White Food
Grade Reduction

Listeria monocytogenes

99.9998 %

99.9999 %

Salmonella menston

99.9993 %

99.9998 %

Escherichia coli (E Coli)

99.995 %

99.999 %

Staphylococcus aureus

99.999 %

99.998 %

Pseudomonas aeruginosa

99.96 %

99.92 %

Cronobactor Sakazakii

100.00 %

After only 5 seconds

100.00 %

After only 5 seconds


  • Conveyor belt continous microbial control
  • Bench disinfection
  • Raw product disinfection
  • Food production machinery
  • ASEPTIC Packaging systems 
  • Room microbial control