UV Solutionz Ltd are the New Zealand specialists in the custom engineered design and installation of high energy germicidal ultra-violet (UVC) technology. For the purpose of microbial decontamination of air, water and surfaces in commercial, medical, pharmaceutical, hospitality and Foodtech / Packtech processing industries.

UVC is a safe, non-chemical and non-residual disinfection method that is gaining favour worldwide as an effective solution to microbial control. 

Ultra-violet light at a specific wavelength and high energy output will kill most species of Moulds, Yeasts, Bacteria and Viruses in a very short timeframe. The UVC light does this by altering the molecular bonds (DNA) of exposed microorganisms, preventing them from replicating and therefore destroying them.  


While many types of UV lamps are available in NZ and Australia, only UV Solutionz High Energy lamps have the required energy to inactivate pathogens in the micro seconds of available exposure time allowed in most industrial processes and HVAC conditions that use fast moving air.

Among the many possible applications for this innovative technology the integration of our UVC Technology into your buildings HVAC (Air-Conditioning) system has been proven to provide the best performing permanent solution for;

  • Improved Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)
  • Reduction in absenteeism through effective pathogen control
  • Reduction in carbon footprint and HVAC energy costs
  • An attractive ‘Return on Investment’ through HVAC energy savings. We have many NZ case studies showing a general ‘ROI’ of under 2 years
  • Maintenance cost reduction through continuous coil cleaning
  • In medical applications, a noted reduction in hospital acquired infections

In this age of rising local and international food safety concerns our high energy UVC technology is also being specified by leading NZ Foodtech Consultants as an efficient non-chemical anti-microbial solution to applications requiring either surface and/or air disinfection.

Please contact us to receive information of our New Zealand Engineered trials and case studies specific to your industry or application.